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wrong again I used the term stupid because straw man arguments are by nature stupid I have not argued against but have pointed out over regulation destroys rather than protects Example Simpson strongtie lobbies building officials to specify their products or similar which often do not exist under the guise of safety this happens across all industries.

  • Years ago I contracted with the county to replace a dilapidated bridge over an intermittent stream had water in it about 2 months out of the year. The county opted to use federal funding 4 years later after a number of environmental studies we took a week and tore the bridge out and replaced with a steel culvert my wife died 10 years ago from breast cancer there were several treatments that our oncologist felt would be tremendously helpful.
  • But because she terminal she could not qualify because the treatment was dangerous so we were told, That was most famously in 1969. We have come a long way since then. I’m not advocating allowing companies to dump toxic waste into rivers. The opposite. People are demanding a better environment, and the Free Market can and is responding to that.
  • Sadly no, that isn’t the case at all and libertarianism has proven that over and over again. The idea that these people care about others is a joke, Outsourcing and free trade prop up basically what amounts to slave labor in other countries.

Not to mention the fact that most of these countries we outsourced to don’t have much of anything in the way of environmental regulations, how many times has China disregarded sound Environmental Policy? Too many to count, to say nothing of other places.

Most Economist in fact are not even successful business people, they themselves don’t even compete in the free market because they’re shielded in Academia or think tanks like FEE. They don’t even compete in the marketplace of ideas because their livelihood is do whatever their donors say to keep getting a paycheck, consequently those donors all love the idea of Outsourcing for slave labor and no environmental standards.

Oh and for the herp derp those aren’t slave labor jobs they’re better than what they would be getting raising people out of poverty, ask yourself, are they really? Let’s say you compared one of these jobs in Vietnam where you’re getting 3 bucks a week to literal slavery, slaves weren’t cheap and slave owners had to at least provide a standard of food, clothing and housing to keep their Investments alive.
If you bark at that you’re balking at a libertarian talking point, so at least those people had those basic needs met. Many of these people in Nike warehouses go home to a lean-to and eat rice and beans for two meals a day at best, literal slaves are better off than these people.

Papa Claus Christmas Shirt,tank top, hoodie

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