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In what world are we living, where a presidential candidate can have real evidence of foreign collusion brought against him that his own party pundits in the media cannot deny, and still be in contention for the white house? “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

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  • Who gives you the power to betray the American people? Who gave you the courage to take bribes to betray the officials of the CIA? When so many CIA officials have disappeared in China, when will you lie? Praise Be! When you win, I will fall to my knees and thank God. God put you where you are. I have prayed all day that Gods will be done.
  • Come on Joe Biden we need you. Trump needs to get out of politics he is not a politician He is a reality star. He lies so much he believes his own lies. Trump needs to get an English book so his wife can learn English.

May voting continue till December since it started since October!! What’s American democracy trying to teach the world? Failure? God forbid! Let it never fail! If it fails, third world francophone African pseudo democracies cum dictatorships would have a field day, a new comparative reference book and a new lexicon of democratic terms. God forbid again!

Cheers to Joe and Kamala! You’ve provided such an amazing platform of hope and uplifting to Americans over the campaign months. It’s been beautiful to watch unfold. So, for the two of you, sending a mantra your way to show solidarity during the next decisive hours and come what may. Bisous from Canada!

I got this as a bonus for my membership in my local PBS and have watched it several times. Brilliant! I’ve visited several of the sites featured and they are chilling when you know the story of what went on there. Thank you

To my daughter whenever you feel overwhelmed remember whose daughter you are Mom fleece blanket

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