One Nation Under God Tailgate Wrap


One Nation Under God Tailgate Wrap
One Nation Under God Tailgate Wrap

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Grady McCurdy, Vail Christian excessive college

regardless of expanding separation and segregation within the existing American society, i like this first-rate nation’s capacity to instill primary values for nearly three centuries. On the core of those values is patriotism.

particularly, an severe value of freedom and the American dream. These values are significant to me because they outline how I choose to live my existence.

I even have at all times taken satisfaction in my work ethic. The American dream details so that you can achieve anything in case you work difficult adequate. I used to be proficient ample to have a family that has always pushed me to work for my goals, but regardless, the atmosphere of the U.S. Promotes the same specifications.

I consider this price changed into so instilled in my being that I didn’t respect i used to be continuously working so tough unless i used to be confronted with challenges that made me push more durable. This included 10 distinctive coaches in four years and a new college with an incredible level of rigor.

It compelled me to push myself and rely handiest on my work ethic and tenacity. These experiences pushed me to retain and work for my goals which completely mirrors the American values that have been created so many years ago.

here is no longer only meaningful to how I have lived my existence, but how i’ll pursue my goals in the future. I like that i’m lucky enough to reside in a spot that difficult work can carry success. As I movement into college, the uncertainty and fear that includes maturity does not worry me as a result of i do know that I have control of my future and the influence of my endeavors.

One Nation Under God Tailgate Wrap

additionally, I similarly price probably the most regular expression of patriotism: freedom. I actually have always admired American’s freedom to make a life for oneself and the freedom to develop into obsessed with anything. Faith, school, relationships, and passions are developed off of the basis of this nation’s founding.

With a patriotic core, there is not any limit to imagination and innovation. The most advantageous accomplishments and leaders had been due to the people stretching the limits of their freedom. Devoid of Marie Curie’s freedom to be captivated with science, so an awful lot counsel regarding cancer and radiation can be unknown. Without Reverend medical professional Martin Luther King Jr.’s freedom of speech and expression, the lives and rights of so many would remain unheard.




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