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well if they were giving out sharpies wouldn’t that mean the dem voters had the same sharpies? Or do you believe not a single person in your area was a dem voter? Iam from Michigan /warren too I was wondering if you know how I can check my vote ??

  • And I want to ask you if it possible to get an application vote without a number because my application had number that the took before they scanned it , but my Mother did not have one I don’t know why ? the secretary of state for AZ looked at it. The ballots were designed so that if the sharpie bled through, it wouldn’t effect the circles on the other side.
  • They voted with the sharpie after being told it would be accepted. They have since checked votes and their votes didn’t count. that’s what they were giving out in Illinois too. I read where they said sharpie was fine but I’m not convinced. I just want the race to be fair. I think they should just do a revote over the next month without paper ballots and have the national guard present the whole time.
  • I voted in Michigan too and was told I had to use the black marker. Never had to use one on a ballot before. That’s when I knew there was going to be major fraud going on. You bet I reported it. Trump won. John James did too. By a lot. Cheating demtards!!

Maricopa County, Arizona had us use sharpies as well!!! Someone outside at a Trump table handing out trump swag mentioned to me…she said If they make you use a sharpie in there don’t do it! I refused until I had a manager come over and I was told that the only way to vote is with the black sharpie!!!

I wouldnt be able to vote if I didnt! He took my ballot, brought me over to a machine, sent it through and a green light turned on and he said…see It went through!! My vote was not counted! Arizona had the 96 Mile Rally! He WON in a landslide here!! No, tech hackers can break into any security dealing with computers. The voter must vote in person. There must be a paper track to verify any kind of fraud. It’s more difficult to manipulate the Voter’s ballots, then computer files.

yes there needs to be a paper track but in Arizona our ballots are NOT scanned and verified when we place our votes it is shoved into a box to later be counted there is NO excuse for this there needs to be a scan that scans the ballots verifys the vote and the person voting signs for that verification.With the technology available there is NO excuse dead people are voting or people buying ballots there is no excuse for this it’s a joke!

OMG You Guys That’s Not What I Said Jesus shirt, hoodie, tank top

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