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That area of Norway is gorgeous. There’s a Norwegian thriller tv show called Twins that came out last year or so. It’s set in that region and the scenery is spectacular. I spent three weeks during the summer 2018 in Norway with a weekend in Denmark, visiting a good friend. I didn’t make it that far north, that’ll be my next trip. I hope you’ll be able to go by next summer.

  • Been to Norway several times and have been treated with warmth and sincerity by lovely friends we’ve made along the way. Can’t wait to go back! We went Norway last fall, and fell in love with the culture, the people, and the spectacular scenery. I hope we get to go back! My grandpa and great grandparents were from Hornindal. One day I am hoping to make the trip to visit family that still lives there. Can’t wait for that day to come.
  • I hope America will one day be open to learning more from our less materialistic European friends. I’m loving these daily doses! Thank you! After visiting Oslo the first time a few years ago, it felt like we were leaving a place we would return. It felt like “home” as my husband has Norwegian roots in northern Norway . it was hard to leave but we will return.
  • Great reminiscence Rick! All your reasons for travel are mine too! Thank you! My Danish husband and I did Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland Apr 2017 to celebrate my retirement! Have had some fabulous Euro trips but that one stand out as a favourite!

I’ve been fortunate to travel around Norway twice. Not only is this a beautiful country it’s people are so friendly. I’m impressed by their education system that lets kids explore not only the academic world but also the natural world. Can’t wait to go back.

My first visit to Norway, I felt right at home when I got off the train and walked up Karl Johans Gate with my backpack and x-c skis. Right in downtown Oslo, dressed for the mountains! I could go back again and again. My Scots ancestors must have had some Viking blood mixed in. I joined the DNT, and went on a tour in Jotunheimen with a dozen Norwegians (photo below). Came back to Seattle and took a Norwegian class at the Scandinavian Heritage Museum. Do they still have those classes?


Old Cowboy You Don’t Stop Riding When You Get Old You Get Old When You Stop Riding Poster

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