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I saw you had him with you while you got the infusion. Your little boy is so amazing and loving he feels your pain better than anyone could ever imagine or understand. Just like my grandson our precious babies know more than we give them credit for. Blessings as you go through the process, your healing is already done.

  • I wish I could be there for you in some way other than FB. This just made me cry. Cody loves the ER hospital beds, too, just like your sweet Amos. I am so sorry sweet boy is worried about Mommy. I will be praying for you and your family, that this passes quickly and that there is relief, comfort, strength, endurance, grace, and mercy dispensed in a way that meets your every need.
  • I see empathy every time I visit my 22 year old godson on the spectrum. He may not comfort us like others but he certainly tells us he doesn’t like it. Sending prayers your way for you and ALL your family! Sending you love and prayers. He loves you beyond all words and he gets that u are dealing w a problem . Treasure that elbow kiss. He knows and you get it!
  • Because you are his strength and his fortress, his calm in the storm, I am sure that the thought of you hurting, the thought of you being physically vulnerable, threatens that sense of security you have built for him. Therefore, his reflex is to push back and to deny.

Enabling him to get past that fear, that sense of lost security, to find other more complex layers within himself, is a good thing. I think it is because it is you. Not because of the hospital… he doesn’t want the boo boo in you. I think he understands it too well. Awww so sweet. Our kids ( nuerotypical or AU/ special needs) are listening.

We just have to keep talking. Hope the IVIG goes well today! I’m so sorry you are dealing with this, but I’m thankful Amos is starting to accept and understand. You are his person, after all. He needs you to take care of yourself and heal. The gravest misconceived notion about autism is that they do not have empathy or sympathy to others…….

I personally believe they feel so deeply and so passionately that they have to turn it off in order for self preservation. I think that is why at times emotions can over take them and they are unable to process all that is happening! Love is love and those on the spectrum could probably teach us the most about love, if we choose to listen!

Octopus Bedding Sets

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