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It’s such a coincidence seeing this post now as we experienced the strangest thing yesterday. Our 2 boys aged 10 months have been okay with car rides since we got them. They chill and sleep in their doggy seats.

  • But all of a sudden yesterday the one “Yoda” started acting all crazy when we put him in the car. He drools so much that everything is wet. He stiffens up his entire body and doesn’t sit down. He hyperventilates to the point where I had to pull over just to calm him down.
  • it will improve in time . she is nervous , they do like to sit up high so they can see whats going on . doggy car seat . sounds simple , just a suggestion . agian it will get better in time, Took half a year of nuzzling her and kissing her and spoiling her rotten to get her to the point where separation anxiety won her over.
  • This was the dog who clung to your chest shivering everytime we took her someplace. It did help that she watched our male doxie stick his face out all the time to put his nose in the air….now we can’t go anywhere without her wanting to go.

My pup was the same way at that age but grew out of it as he got older! He ended up stopping vomiting/drooling in the car all together at about 6 months. I found that keeping him in a car seat where he couldn’t see out the window helped a lot! Now he goes to work with me most days during the week (a 1 hour commute one way) and has no problems. Be patient and persistent, it’s gets better! I never ended up medicating him. Hopefully it gets better for both of you too

This seems to be helping a bit. Once shes asleep shes better. An hour and a half and we will be home. Hopefully no long trips soon. I am def going to speak to her vet on Wednesday(vet appointment) about everything reccomend. I would prefer to stay with her vet because of how helpful they have been and they let me call and ask questions all the time. Thank you all so much I really appreciate it.

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