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You are Beautiful inside and out cant believe all this wake up your children should apologise for making that little Girl life Hell you Mothers should no Better then this your Children Learn From you so Grow up and Make all kids life Happy, Sorry this happened to you beauty on the outside fades with time as but your beauty on the outside and inside will grow with time better with time.May God bless

  • She’s a very pretty little girl. Don’t listen to the others. They are very shallow people. You carry on and have a great life. Find some others friends who like you for you, not for your looks or your size or how clever you are.
  • That’s why I don’t make it a point to do parties and I don’t invite anyone other than family. Makes it so much nicer! Kids model their parents actions. The parents should have said “you invite everyone or no one.” This child is precious!
  • You are beautiful just the way you are don’t worry about others who shun down on you it’s not worth worrying about what others think. Be you and be happy there are plenty of people in the world to have as friends. Bless you amen

My granddaughter made a comment on a young actress as being fat…of course the way she said it got her in trouble with her aunt..she told me about it. But I had to explain to her that as much as she was in trouble it was not entirely her fault..to see chubby.thick.or even fat people as undesirables. Disney movies or any movie gives people the understanding that only thin people are beautiful…so it is up to us to teach our kids to love yourself because we come in all varieties and each one its awesome and beautiful.

I don’t know what would upset me more… my child being bullied or finding out that my child was bullying others. This is so sad. Parents need to pay more attention to what’s going on in their children’s lives.

You want to stop bullying… start having classes from JK up, in empathy. Teach these kids how to “put themselves in someone else’s shoes”. Let them get an understanding of their feelings too. If you start early enough, this can be turned around.

I had something almost as bad happen to me when I was in high school. It hurts, but that person isn’t worth your time thinking about it, go do something fun and let her know what a great time you had, or not, she isn’t worth your effort. She needs your prayers. In the end you will be a happy person and she will live with regrets.

Baby Yoda Feed Me Chicky Nuggies And Tell Me I’m Pretty shirt, hoodie, tank top

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