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And to see Rod being snarky with Adam, and Bonnie being in the middle of it. And if his mom could be included every so often. Jill and Mom in the kitchen was great. I’m seeing Mom and Margie, either they become bestest friends or they fight about everything. And I think Rod who thinks he’s all that, but isn’t, is rather needy, and he and Wendy would be good together.

  • He’s needy and she needs some one or something to take care of. I can see his Mom having a fit after they have a sleepover at her house (she acts like their teenagers), and Wendy’s roommates giving her a hard time after they sleepover at her house. Then, if he gets back into performing, she’s fighting the groupies off. Since Rod had asked Bonnie to be his sponsor, I felt they left the door open on him returning.
  • This wasn’t my favorite episode. I almost don’t like Bonnie being happy!!! Haha!!! It takes the fun out of the show. Still, my favorite show! I also really like Jill’s new bf.  l liked her therapy sessions with Rainn Wilson. I was hoping he would stay on the show and get with what her name. The nurse. I agree and it’s ok to let the women age and go grey/white….it happens.
  • I have to say also I am not to happy with season. This show is my favorite but I found myself not laughing as much. I’m trying to give it a chance without Christy, but I’m telling you straight up that I will rage quit if Jill and Andy don’t work it out.

I agree with some of the comments on here about Will Sasso. I hope he’ll stay on ‘Mom’. I tried watching about 5 of his new comedy ‘United We Fall’, but I just didn’t find it funny at all. And, a few people mentioned that it has now been cancelled. I can see why.

New to this show, but was the cook on the food truck, Kristen Johnson’s costar, the guy from Third Rock from the Sun? French Stewart? Yeah, not too impressed with this new season.

Debi Manis Yes, she’s a terrific actor. The cast is great in general. Hopefully the writers will get it together. I am willing to be patient for a while and let them find their groove again. But too many silly episodes of Adam and Bonnie being “wingmen” to other couples might lose me. That’s been done on so many sitcoms already. Let’s keep Adam and Bonnie still growing, learning, and humble.

To my Mom Now that I’m busy growing up I often forget that you’re also growing old fleece blanket

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