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The one you have to worry about is Kamal Harris-says border patrol are kkk-de-funds police-abortion on demand-all violent illegals from around the world can come for free healthcare-welfare-college-attorney- to bankrupt U.S. open borders letting the drug cartel and human traffickers rule our cities. Democrats fund violent domestic terrorists Antifa under the guise of BLM.

  • NancyMorrisMowry this is so disgrace I don’t agreed these people his party what allowed this to continue merely to staying power. They have no morals they have no shame they care not about this man or anyone! it’s not sad, this is planned. He is the front for a very devious group of politicians that will after the election ( gd forbid he wins) they will deem him unfit for the job and the far left and the progressives will take over.
  • You do know that he stutters. Not as bad as when he was young. At least he can pronounce words properly. Trump says Yo se mite park and thighland. Hillary, Pelosi & Biden…they have to stay really close or they will go to prison for treason & they are working to deflect the attention from themselves!!!otherwise they would leave!!!! I agree, what kind of family would allow someone they love to be expose to the stress he will be expose to. For someone who has cognitive issues will just make it worse.

Harris didn’t even make it through the first Democratic primaries cuz everyone knew she is a crazy socialist. … Socialist is democrat speak for Communism. This is their road to Communism under the guise of “Socialist Democrat” God help America as only You can. Pray America for Trump to get re-elected and for people to come to their senses to vote Republican. Never has a single vote been more important to maintain the freedoms that some Americans take for granted. AOC wants to regulate how much red meat we eat!!! Personally I think she should never be elected again for ANYTHING!!!

His family must take this presidency ,because Globalist DEMO mafia will kill his SON or someone from his family He was 47 years under the mafia system he took money from them ,now is the time to pay for it .All COMMUNIST PARTY DOING LIKE THAT.They are using him ,because of the UKRAINA and CHINA HIS SON WAS IN MAFIA POCKET .He will suffering till they get what they want.

Biden’s family is all about MONEY &. POWER.. They could care less about AMERICA…& THE PPL IN IT…. Anyone Votes for Biden seriously needs to get there Head checked cause there’s something seriously wrong. Very reminiscent of the 2016 campaign when Killary was running for President and it was obvious that she had severe health problems or was incredibly drunk!

Not For The Weak Cause This Ain’t No 9 To 5 Poster

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