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I’m not a fan, but he is without doubt the best mechanical jokey in the world, just the sight of him in the paddock letting the others know he’s coming back will be mentally intimidating to them. But people saying I wish he wasn’t coming back , then you have no faith in your supported riders abilities, Me I’m beginning to become a big MIR fan , that kid has talent in bundles and I can see him being the next threat to MM, I personally will be glad to see MM back even though I’m not his biggest fan .

  • I want Marc back asap, but am more concerned about Cal at the moment! Looking forward to getting the latest “SP” from “The Lads” (Keith, Gav, Hodgy and Mike) at 8am tomorrow! FP1!  his arm and ankle look a right mess – hard to see how he would be safe to ride with both injuries
  • Worst thing that can happen is him to come back and ruin the great races we’ve been watching. I just wish he’d go try something else, and win at that. I don’t dislike him it’s just boring with him winning all the time. It’s been fantastic viewing lately, the best spectator sport out there.
  • it was like with Rossi but now we have the young guns coming on the Yamaha and Ducati and Suzuki with young Mia think it will be a year when we get back to a world championship roll on next year
I don’t understand why he would ever go and try someting else as moto gp is the best riders in the world maybe some of the slower riders that can’t keep up with him should try something else, couldn’t have said it better,Rob Wright,when Rossi was winning in the 2000’s at least he had something about him,you know charisma,he wasn’t just a corporate clone.
Will he even come back like he was. This is his first real spell of the bike from injury and can he afford to ride like he used to now. Taking the bike just over its limits, crashing once, learning that limit then going from there. His body is starting to rebel against his style of riding so it’ll be interesting to see if he is still quite as reckless.

Never underestimate a woman who understands motogp and loves Valentino Rossi shirt, hoodie, tank top

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