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what do you think about the 24 sexual assault allegations against Trump? One of the women was 13 years old when he raped her in the company of Jeffrey Epstein. Now THAT’S gross. Right?

  • Or do you condone it? Your silence is an indication that you do. What’s the matter you don’t like the good ol boys from Texas ? It could of been socrates who wrote it up . Joke Hiden couldn’t run a 7-11 store and you think him and his teleprompter is going to unite America.
  • Struggle much with the English language? Have a third grade student tutor you on elementary grammar, punctuation and syntax rules, as well as learning some manners, class and civility. Sad, but so typical. That poor girl had to stand there and try to pull away from him, while her Democratic parents stood watching and smiling.
  • It’s wonderful. I’d forgotten what an actually competent leader sounds like. Just facts, plans and optimism. No mean jabs. No snide remarks. No dire threats. No boasts. It’s been a while.

You are so quick to call out Biden. Which I will admit there a few questionable photos but if you are going to say that then why not look at trump? He has plenty of strange pictures with children and his own daughter. He says many sexual things about his own daughter as well. He says she has a very nice figure and that if she wasn’t his daughter he would sleep with her.

He has many sexual assault allegations from minors. Holds back DNA which makes him look very suspicious. If you are innocent why not just clear your image? Unfortunately, the people of this country see that people are supporting more fanaticism than democracy, it would be right for you to consider Biden as your President. Difference is important in democracy but it also has some limitations.h happy birthday day in advance and I remember this day.

Says a man who is too much of a coward to post a profile picture. Be gone troll, adults are conversing. I hope you heard about the good news and do you get your money yet??? I just got 90,000 cash from the federal government and facebook lottery program.They are helping all people with cash.

Native American Pattern Bedding Sets

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