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Why are so many foreigners commenting on this? Mind you own pathetic country’s business and stay out of our politics when clearly you don’t know how they work. Mark Bond surely you have proof of this.

  • If you don’t then shut up, because you’re no better than CNN FOX etc. All we heard about was Russia collusion for 4 friggen years and to find out Hunter and the big guy sold us out to Ukraine and China.
  • We paid 40 million dollars for a fake impeachment that the FBI knew was fake, but to appease Hillary they did it anyway hence the reason McCabe was fired. The American people should be outraged at the democrats for putting them through this and costing them millions. So shut up with the whole Orange man bad because CNN told me he was.
  • Half the people in this comment trail aren’t even Americans…. so yes he won the crazy foreign vote from people who live in crazy dictatorship land but not in the USA…. get off of Facebook you all are paid foreign trolls. I offer tarot card extraction consultations for all your love predictions and return of affection, protection, love charm, work and more. Check all your love issues simply and discreetly. Leave me a private message.

After all this embarrassment is over and Biden takes charge, you will see who have more chances to go to jail… Trump and his accomplices!!! You only won the election on Twitter and Facebook while Biden won the popular vote from Americans.. Biden is President elect. popular vote will always be won by the Democrats unless the Republicans can somehow reach the hearts and minds of the dead voters.

Biden isn’t anything but a creepy old man that sniffs little girls hair. And can’t remember if he’s running for senate and whether he’s up against trump. Or George. I bet he needs someone to help put his underwear on in the morning. When this goes to court trump

Will win. I put a bet on that. The machines were rigged. Software glitches handed votes meant for trump. Over to biden. Ps the media can not announce the winner, when this is going to court and no one knows the real numbers

Namaste Mother fucker shirt, hoodie, tank top

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