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She can fly a fighter jets and beautiful girl to awesome best of everything to you be safe light it up and turn it lose congratulating you on your victory in being first black lady to earn your wings be proud may you be first of many stay safe and have a great flying career

  • A remarkable accomplishment for anyone but made more demanding by her gender and race. Someday, because she persevered, other woman and races will stand on her shoulders and it will not be noted for the uniqueness of this moment. Congratulations as America salutes you!
  • Quite an accomplishment for any one even more so for a woman. Go forth and do yourself and this country proud. We are all proud of you and pray for your safety as you defend our homeland. She follows in  the Line of a Proud Tradition. The Tuskegee Airmen /tʌsˈkiːɡiː/ were a group of African-American and Caribbean-born military pilots (fighter and bomber) who fought in World War II. … The 332nd Fighter Group, which originally included the 100th, 301st and 302nd Fighter Squadrons, was the first black flying group. It deployed to Italy in early 1944
  • Congratulations to you on great accomplishment. I’m former Viet Nam Huey pilot and know you had to go thru a lot to get this. Stay safe and do well our lovely new fighter pilot. How does it netter whether she is black, or brown, or else? Is she good at flying and combat? That matters, not her colour! Don’t be racist!

this is disgusting that it took until 2020 for this reality. That the very govt that deem “equality in hiring” in order to bid on federal contracts…doesn’t practice equality and inclusion. I realize your accomplishments in this historical first woman–i am just sadden by the reality it still out there..fighting against you.

I hope to see more blacks and other minorities in the Naval Aviation community! America’s strength lies in its diversity, so there is no room for racists! Well done on your achievement. Now, Just pray that she never gets shot down. There will be World War Three instantly.

Still having the first black female anything in 2020? Isn’t that the same as the first female driver in Saudi Arabia not too long ago? Are we still that far back in the 21st century? Cool! However why is her breed of man the point. Did no one else of her class make it. Or is it just a big deal because of her race?

My Son My Sailor My Hero proud navy mom face mask

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