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That was the hardest Finale I have ever watched. Thank you for the beautiful ending. I think Sam’s son dean can revive you all somewhere down the line. This isn’t goodbye. Just see ya later boy’s. I spilled half a gallon of paint on my carpet today. That is what happens when your watching reruns of Supernatural to gear up for tonight’s finale and you forget you have a can of paint behind you.

  • Thanks for all you have done for serial TV. I have enjoyed Supernatural for day one even got my sister into it. When I retired I watched every day and didn’t want to miss an episode like I had not seen them over and over again. I will miss Supernatural very much! I sat down with a steak dinner and my two year old to watch the first episode 15 years ago. Tonight we are sitting down with a steak dinner to watch the last episode.
  • My son and I started watching Supernatural together and then his friends got into it too. I think they were 9 at the time. We all love it. I was in a real bad place 15 years ago , and I know it sounds silly, but I found this show Supernatural , and havent missed one show in 15 years ,
  • when I am down I always tell my daughter to turn on my boys, they are like family to me, I will miss Sam and Dean Winchester, Thank You, Jared and Jensen and the amazing cast and crew for he best 15 years of my life, I dont know if it was intentional but my ex went to Sam’s Club and brought me 12 boxes of tissues today God Speed, Baby , Take My Boys Home.

it’s not silly at all, this show carried me though the darkest period of my life. when i could barely afford to heat the house and had to choose between heat or food, a large blanket and these boys kept me going. I was in 2 really bad relationships when this show started. One ex would get mad when I wanted to watch my shows.

I didn’t have cable at the time so my mom would record them for me on DVD. Even though our daughter was taking naps when I wanted my me time. He didn’t like it and he would break the DVD. No joke! I introduce this show to my now husband. He loves it. We r both sad it ending.

My Patronus is A Baby Yoda Shirt,tank top, hoodie

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