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we foster a little one, who was 18 months when we got her, she now leads one of our dogs on the pack walk. Biggest thing is to watch them with the dogs. Don’t let them get in their space.

  • Make sure the kid knows the manners, which is a struggle for a toddler. They will try to pull on their mouth and lips, hair, tail. The biggest thing will be teaching the child how to be a pack leader. we have three big dogs who we were able to expierence this with. Congratulations!
  • Spent also time with your dog..when your baby having her/his nap give your dog attension.play with him.do some funnie games with him just some extra time. Hi, i was wondering if you can give any advice on yr page? My daughters frenchie has a problem were she is constantly licking her paws. The vet gave antihistamines and now we have changed her diet and 4 weeks on still no improvement. Any advice would be helpful thankyou.
  • There are many reasons why your dog might lick their paws… maybe irritated by them…can be food related. Or maybe stress or anxiety..make sure he she has plenty of exercise..and games to occupy them..it sound like your checking really well..and once you have eliminated some sources..this might lead you to the reason…I hope this may help you and your daughter.

Great dad!! I don’t have kids but my cousins had children. I got to spend lots of time with them. They gave me great memories I will treasure forever. I alwAys love my dogs so much we dance and they love the kids I would never be without them. David, I look forward to the day you do something like this lol. Rikey, Buddha, shyla and bear can be the onlookers dressed in costumes.

Funny thing is that My friend and I did an Original blessing back in 7th grade(1977)with her pups…..B4 Lion king….We paid Homage to Kunta Kinte from the series “Roots”…Named all the pups after characters from Alex Haley’s Book….We were OG back in the day. And on that note! Heinz is returning to Canada from the us. The bad news it’s going to Quebec rather than the leamington farmers.

My Patronus is A Baby Yoda Shirt,tank top, hoodie

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