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Mr. President, do not concede, and do not give up your office. If we allow this election to be stolen I fear it will result in irreversible damage to our great nation. Patriotic Americans that want to see our country survive and prosper stand with you. Trump 2020.

  • I just listened to interview with Lt. Gen. McInerney – he says it is cyber warfare so massive as to overwhelm those who are gathering evidence to prove it is happening.. He suggests declaring a National Emergency (per your EO Sept. 2018) and Martial Law, suspending the election process to get to the bottom of this election and bring the bad actors up on treason charges…
  • I agree with him, and I think the 80 million or so of us who voted you back into office are all behind you, support and are praying for you not to get discouraged, but to fight on… 2 Kings 6:17 … When Elijah’s servant was discouraged because of those who were threatening them, Elijah prayed the LORD would open the servant’s eyes to see the army of angels who were ready to fight for them….. be of good cheer, those who are with you are more than those who are against you…

President Trump. You cannot let this country fall. You need to find a way to stop the fraud. We cannot lose our country forever which is what would happen if the unthinkable occurs ie Biden steals it. there more and more coming out..it’s getting faster and faster,so we won’t fall behind the deadline…

Hopefully all things would be materialize before Christmas time,because the enemy is doubling down to obstruct the Trump’s Campaign to finish all these paper work,and thanks to God..they are emboldened,very courageous and brave enough..because this is a very serious case..God also moving all these things way faster,

Because He doesn’t want the enemy to give the chance ,on our part, we will roll ourselves together to speed up all these things,that go hand and hand ,because this is a worldwide dark schemes.all kinds of bad actors are playing coordinated ..same with the fake news media..to scare and manipulate people…May God..exposed and crash them down..and we will double or even triple our efforts to work hard and continue praying without ceasing..

My Patronus is A Baby Yoda Shirt,tank top, hoodie

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