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Junior lives a very happy and blessed life with Cesar as Cesar let him be a dog, take him out on walks, let him play with other dogs and other stuff. This is also one of the methods to prolong your dog life beside giving them healthy food and health supplements is to let them be a dog and let them be happy and enjoying being a dog this what I give to my boy,

  • I always bring him for walk twice a day but in the evening I just off leash him and let him roam on his own but he won’t go far he just go pee and poop and he will come back to me if he want to poop he will poop where I can see so that I can pick up after him. He really enjoy his freedom. This is based on trust I have with him that he won’t run away and he won’t go and bother people who walk pass him.
  • I am really hoping for some advice. We just rescued a dog and he growls at my daughter when she pets him. She is 10. He doesn’t snarl or snap but makes a growl for sure. I am at a loss for next steps. Any info is appreciated
  • Perhaps he’s had no experience with children. And petting means coming from above the dog and touching him. Or, if he was hit and abused by children previously, he may be protecting himself.

Maybe get them to lay on the floor and have her pet him on his side so that the motion isn’t on his head or from above. Laying on the floor makes them absolutely equal. However, be sure and be close just in case. This might be a way to let the dog know she means no harm. Maybe a good way to create a bond so he will accept her touch no matter what.

Wow..I watch the reruns with Daddy and little baby Junior. Can’t believe it’s going on 16 years ago. Love to Daddy and hugs to Junior, Congratulations nether though of something like that… im proud that my natives place is being reinvented and brought forward by locals with visions

Yes but you float better or are certain not to sink, and it’s a natural disinfectant, healing all wounds; it’s why people love bathing in the salty Dead Sea in Israel/Jordan. Truth is alway chosen and President must be chosen by God, but God gives us a test: will we trust in God? Do we dare to fight for the truth? Or we will accept to turn a blind eye to the crime!

And into the ocean I go to lose my mind and find my soul Diving poster

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