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I did not know these people. They can be mean was my point. Im sure he was chained because he could get mean. Something needed to be done differently. I hear you. I would have call animal abuse cse they are not supposed to have a raccoon chained up.. They are afraid of humans cse they know.

  • They should be reported to Game Warden/ Wildlife prevention. They would be probably fined and the animal would probably be returned to the wild or unfortunately euthanized. I have a female now, Ritzy is 5 months and I’ve had her since she was a newborn. She is the 6th Raccoon I’ve had.
  • 3 of them were older when I found them on the side of the road huddled around their mom that had been hit by a car so as soon as they healed from their injuries and weaned from the bottle they were released into the wild.
  • The other 3 lived in the house with us, just like a cat or dog would. Anyway, yes, they can be liter trained. The pick it up very quickly and make great pets. However, if anyone’s looking into one for a pet make sure It’s legal to have one in your state and don’t take a wild baby. Buy from a breeder they are likely to be a couple generations domesticated.

Mischievous is an understatement, we had to have a custom cage made just for when we left because we would come home and it looked like Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, DEA, MPD and every other letter of the alphabet all came in and raided at the same time.

Growing up dad rescued- at different times- 4 babies. Was a lot of fun for the dogs and us 4 kids. At about 2 years though, they wandered into the woods and never returned. We were told that is when they longed for the call of the wild. Dad always had a racoon house for them-they were free to come and go as they pleased.

Leslie Tracy agreed. I have raised 100s of coons. They all want to stay and go and the same time. Best to let them go unless you haven’t taught them the skills to survive in the wild. if you have a non release it should be for a medical or neuro reason. Not because “they don’t want to”.


Your Butt Napkins My Lady Raccoon Poster

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