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You did not even mentionned something beneficial for your people, the people who wants to hear promises and programms, is that your election campaign???? you’re fucked man and you shattered all your loyal people who believed in you but it was quit clear that you are a fucking selfish and you don’t thing about any single citizen!

  • That lost him the election because Americans are most interested in their future economics and Freedom not covid which will disappear faster than you can say 1,2,3 with a Trump win and we will not be oppressed any longer. Survival rate 99X and all Joe can talk about. Locking Americans down again and mask mandates. Joe were not worried about covid but you we are. Your dangerous to our Freedom and life.
  • Sleepy joe handlers having another concert by the way joe john, patty & gaga don’t pay my bill’s and buy my groceries your singers failed you last time and dumb you didn’t learn anything 47 years nothing. Trump it is time you went back to the bunker. You have told enough lies for now, you need rest. How about staying until Jan.
  • Wow I think when looking for a re-election such things are nonsense to think of.After all there are law’s that govern. I pray with all my heart for President Trump, sweetheart, and he deserves his blessings, all the love for America and its great people. Dozens of fracking companies have gone bankrupt and taxpayers, not you, are picking up the tab.

Who changes your diapers between posts, Don? I mean it’s an established fact you poop your pants regularly. Do people complain that you are stinky or are they used to the rank smell emanating from your trousers? Joe is encouraging clean energy and will seek other sources of energy production and distribution.

Trump has soaked America with over 20,000 lies. Joe Biden who has shown his tax returns and Trump who has refused but put it on eternal Auditing, who is a liar? Biden is for Democracy and not a Socialism. that is the first thing he is doing.he has said he was on several videos.dont you research? Biden will slowly remove our rights from the constitution until eventually we are slaves.That is what communism is.

Always in my heart Your wings were ready but my heart was not personalized blanket

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