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Throughout history rebellion has always been used to drive political agendas. Adolf Hitler based his strategies on hatred of the Jews. They are bad-stupid, but we are good-smart. Joe Biden and the liberal media religion base their strategies on hatred towards president Trump.

  • Everyone knows intelligent people are the leaders in science, medicine and technology but when it comes to politics angry ignorant narcissists will vote their own kind into office.
  • When the narcissist autistic-paranoid schizoid is faced with being wrong they become enraged with anger fighting imaginary discrimination, bigotry and racism with REAL discrimination, bigotry and racism.
  • The degree of intellect-emotional intelligence is directly proportional to the degree of autistic narcissism. Studies show liberals are more likely to smoke marijuana a substance that is known to cause psychosis-paranoia-depression-delusion & psychotic behavior that mimics schizophrenia, pathological narcissism and autism. Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Execution day will be coming, after they are charged with their crimes against humanity, and the democrats will be executed with a needle in their arm. Nancy pelosis last meal will probably be ice cream

Plan Planned Parenthood clinics where abortion is practiced at will are a worldwide scandal thanks to the huge increase made by Obama and Biden, but nobody talks about it because society is rotten. Let’s see if Joe extends abortion by law even until the eve of the birth of the babies whenever the boss says it is for the best and fulfilling a great wish of the evil Hillary Clinton who would have approved it had she been elected in 2016. So many people still deluded by the foxes dressed in sheep’s skin.

I greet everyone from their respective religions. I am saying from Bangladesh that you may have heard of Bangladesh. My name is Md. Emon Hossain. My father was a car driver. He lost his mental balance while driving on 25/08/2020. There are 6 people in our family.But their daily lives are struggling with it

To my dear son-in-law I gave you my gorgeous daughter coffee mug

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