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It says adopt or foster. Fostering a pet helps organisations that don’t have a capacity for massive amounts of animals. Plus it gives the person fostering a taste of what it’s like to have a pet and whether or not it’s a viable option for them to have a pet. Time to see the positive in things. It’s either that or they put them all down.

  • This is not a good idea at all!!! After some of these people get tired of the dogs they will either be back in shelters or dumped along the side of the road!!!!!! Question- years prior we were able to reserve seats for shows and get photo packages for Santa. Will that be an option or is it on the site and I’m not seeing it?
  • If I just signed my son up for the preschool pass and got an email with his pass and bar code can I use it for this event? Or did I need to previously use it during the season??? Just wanted to see how many tickets I need to purchase.
  • Nope, that is all you needed to do! You will now use the barcode associated with his pass to make his reservation! Then, when it comes time to visit the park, just make sure you have both the reservation barcode and his preschool pass barcode to be scanned for entry!

Due to this being a limited-capacity event the Member Friend for Free ticket benefit is not active at this time. Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration is a limited-capacity special event that is included with your Membership, but does not take away from the extra time you are to receive due to the park closure related to COVID-19. You will be able to utilize the Member Friend for Free tickets associated with your Membership in 2021 based on availability.

Hi Samantha! Attendance numbers will indeed still be limited. We will be closely monitoring capacity both at the park and online through our reservation process to ensure we are following the capacity guidelines set in place by the Governor of Virginia. Sorry if it’s already been asked but I am curious what the capacity for the Christmas town event will be for an evening.


Military camouflage Busch Light Beer Ugly Christmas Sweater

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