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No!! My dog fetched the ball but would never bring it back. Now he’s old and he will bring it twice. The third time he’ll just look at it and then look at me. In his mind, I think he telling me it’s my turn to go fetch.. Oh how you are correct, I have taught my Basset to wave, pound it, target, roll over, belly up and even started to crawl. However, go get it, bring it…NO WAY, he picks it up then drops it and gives me the deer in the headlight look.

  • I took it right back to marking me dropping and him touching, then me dropping to him picking up and dropping. He seems to be stuck there. Ugh!! I did an overnight with 2 full JRT brothers from 2 different litters and they would both return anything you threw starting at 6 weeks. In the blood.
  • Don t do fetch with obssesive compulsing breeds like german shepherds working lines, malinois etc… You will end up, with your dog fetching all kind of things and putting them at your feet and standing there for days, months, years and waiting for you to play, loosing interest for anything else ; the training of those breeds is based on something else, and the ball, stick, toy, etc… Is seen by dog as a reward for doing his real job.
  • My boyfriends pitbull loves to play fetch. But he also loves to play tug of war with the tennis ball not the best toy to play tug of war with cuz as soon as you try to grab it he runs off. I have shitzus and they love to play fetch, they bring it back to me but also want me to chase them for it sometimes. Mine will chase the ball but not bring it back runs half way then lies down. I show her the second ball and will take the first ball to the second one.

My dog already knew how to fetch when i got him, but he gets over excited and too rough in the game. We don’t play it often, especially because chasing a ball is not healthy at all, not to mention the worn out teeth he has. Dogs are wonderful!! There are no dumb dogs, but there ARE dumb owners!! If your dog isn’t getting it, it’s your fault, not theirs.!! Question: How can I teach my rescue dog to walk on a leash with me. He came from a hoarding situation and is two years old and such a sweetie. Sure would appreciate any suggestions!

You tube dog walking videos. Find one that you’re comfortable with. Be consistent! Took a while to train my rescue that lived on the street. Also, I invested in a martingale collar with a buckle, he can’t skip out. I am no expert just a dog owner but we had a rescue dog that came from the same kind of situation.

Mike Echo Oscar Whiskey How Do You Copy Over Poster

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