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These posts about Honor always bring tears to my eyes. Dogs are so special and provide so much comfort and love. They are so pure. I’m am so happy that Amos has a furry companion to help him and love him.

  • Animals are so naturally empathetic and just “knowing” when they are needed. The day my father sat us all down to tell us my mother had Stage 4 liver cancer I was propped up emotionally by my cat and my sweet sweet German Shepherd.
  • They both let me squeeze them way past normal, caught my tears and helped right my shaken world. Several years later that sweet dog got me through the first rocky weeks of motherhood by appointing herself as the baby watcher. Enjoy and appreciate every minute with Honor she will be family forever.
  • I wish all students and teachers had a service dog they could turn to for comfort during all this craziness that we call coronavirus. I think their mental health would improve greatly! So happy for Amos and your family! I have two golden retrievers from the same litter. They are not service dogs, but they are so smart and know when I am sad, scared, sick, anxious.

Their reactions are incredible. I can only imagine the inner calmness they help bring to Amos when he is feeling stressed, or even unable to express himself and frustrated sometimes. These dogs are truly man’s best friend. I am so happy you made the decision to include a service dog in your family.

This just makes my heart leap for joy. Thank you Adrian for sharing the ups and downs, good and bad. This makes me want to cry with joy I love dogs…they are affectionate, loving, caring, protective. They are one of the most awesome creatures on Earth. And to be trained to soothe, calm and lend a helping paw goes beyond my comprehension. So happy my hero, Amos, and Honor have been joined together. Adrian, thank you for sharing your personal stories.

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