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What amazing shower!!!! Perfect to shower with pets. Especially dogs. I’d take our dogs in the shower with me when we had a shower like this in a house I lived at. Having all our shampoos standing around in there.

  • My Grandma had a mother and daughter pair of cats who live 25 years each (Sookie & Scouse.) One loved swimming, the other hated it.They also learned to turn door knobs and open doors. He is just drinking and doesn’t seem to like the water that much. He avoids to get to wet and it looks like he is only going so far that he reaches the water to drink.
  • Lorch my cat opens doors and cabinets. On doors that do not have twist knobs, we have to put rubber bands/baby locks on them to keep him out of stuff. He doesn’t like water though. any domestic cat can LEARN to like water. Inherintly cats do not like water. however, some breeds like the maine coone, love water
  • My youngest daughter had a couple of kittens that she would put in the tub with her. I’d fuss at her and tell her they were going to scratch her up. Wrong. They got to the point they started jumping in the tub with her. And when she would take a shower they would stand outside of the shower door and meow and cry for her to let them in the shower with her. Craziest thing Ive ever seen.
A few minutes later, he would cry to come in. So I’d let him in. And, of course, I would towel him off until he was dry. Then, not 10 minutes later, he would cry to go out again, even though it was still raining. Out he would go, if only to show him it was still raining. And, sure enough, a few minutes after that he would cry to come in. And, again, I would towel him off.
So, I realized this was my cat’s way of bathing. He was too lazy to wash himself. But he figured out that, by going out and getting soaked, then coming in and getting toweled off, he was getting cleaned without having to wash.
I had a cat quite a few years ago he was also black… (but not blind) but he absolutely loved the shower!! He would stand in there when I was taking my shower. When we got out of the shower he would lay down on the towel that I put on the floor for him roll around on it and start cleaning himself.

Meowcrobiology Cat Microbiology shirt,tank top, hoodie

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