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How do you know.Your litany seems you are not an animal lover,or dog lover because you percieve that animals ,especially dogs,are placed on earth to only serve you,work for you,protect us and our properties.What a mind.You know,animals well love & serve us when they feel we do the same to them.Even humans will do that if you are good to them or love and care for them.With your mentality,animals are nothing to you.

  • I am very much okay with animals being our friends. My guinea pigs are my friends too. But I just don’t delusion myself with the idea that’s why they were put on this earth. No, they were made to be that by us humans.
  • But I believe culture is dual, and nature is non dual. Non duality is a very interesting concept we don’t get taught by society. Because duality states there’s an opposite for everything. But if that’s true there’s also an opposite for duality, which is non duality.
  • Non duality means that things just are the way they are. A dog doesn’t identify itself as a dog. A dog just is. We label it to be called a dog. Nature doesn’t need labels. Nature just is. But we humans have labeled so much we need to give meaning to everything.

We can’t see things the way they are. We need to label it to understand things because we limited our brains to this, and then we think that we are so smart, while animals live in total freedom of these labels and are so pure.

We label them to be man’s best friend. While the dog labels nothing and lives life free from that duality. We can learn something from the non duality of nature and learn to see things the way they are without labeling. It’s really freeing for your mind you know.

Thank you for spending time with Thor to make him better. You are amazing. Thanks for adopting him. He looks like a very special dog. Way to go Thor. You did it! You proved some of them wrong by walking.


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