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Virginia Greene far from it, but I dont rob or lie to people. He does, matter of fact that is what his father Fred taught him and he passed it to his family. He cares about none but himself and you are been played.

  • But when he is gone in January 2021 and things get back to normal and you and others wake up, we will be here and welcome you back. Just want you to know we love you. Am listening to your speech now !! You’re great. Proud to have you and your husband in the White House and Capital. God bless you all. Trump 2020 Four more years!!!
  • Hiw many times fo you ever see the media coverage of the many things she accomplishes. If it were Michelle every time she stepped outside in her frumpy dresses and tennis shoes it hit the front page. The only thing she accomplished was showing parents its better to pack their kids school lunch bc the crap at school was not edible. And oh Lord dont forget the those leotards she would wear!!!!
  • Our First Lady is a class act. She is strong, smart, sincere, and such a great and passionate supporter of her husband. Her words were powerful. So proud to be voting for her husband…our President Donald J. Trump! Where is you bible photo op. … you are a disgrace .. and your lady just gives your agenda away everything is a film to you … well guess what this is reality bud and you are a huge failure in this movie.

Omg she was awesome. Perfect speech. Great First Lady! She spoke about everything happening in America! Spoke about children all the time! Thanked the health care workers on Covid-19! She spoke about the rioters and destruction and violence! She left no stone unturned. That’s a class act. Very smart, compassionate, loving Lady.

She truly is an example of how we all can BE BEST, she showed pride in her citizenship, long before Donlad, and thanking her parents for taking her out of a communist country, at that time, and her love for her son, and love for her husband, and children and her country and for our White House, she is just a lovely, loving, beautiful first lady, Who knows what she is doing, who can speak more languages, and ran her own company, not like all the trolls that try to belittle her BRAVO FIRST LADY.

She is the best first Lady we have had in a very long time. She has grace and beauty, but her intelligence is beyond compare. She is economically capable on her own and built her own empire. But has a heart beyond what a mother could for all children. This is pure style.

God Found Some Of The Strongest Woman And Made Them Lunch Ladies Poster

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