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So if she playing a Dathomir witch. A nightsister, then that would be an interesting twist for Mando thinking she may be a Jedi.  I don’t know anything about any rumors but I know Sasha Banks’s face and thats 100% her. When the first person told you it was Banks you said “she’s not in the cast” despite the fact that we are all looking at her in this trailer. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Yeah. I saw that over an hour ago. Did some further research. I just didn’t hear about it when the rumors were out and I don’t follow her on IG. Yeah, maybe they’re doing the Marvel trick where what you see in the trailer isn’t quite what you’ll see in the show and she’ll look more true to the character then.
  • it wasn’t Ahsoka. That was Sasha Banks, she’s playing a different character. Rumoured to be Sabine Wren. well for starters, Sabine is asian and Sasha is not. Second, with dialogue and how she disappears, I think its a clear hint that the character is a jedi or at least force sensitive
  • James Hawkins Hollywood has 30 year olds play 20 year olds. I’ve never seen them have a 30 year old play a 60-70 year old. It’d be wild if she’s playing Sabine. I don’t know that she would have been targeted by Order 66 since was was arrested for setting up Ahsoka Tano and was expelled from the Jedi order. However, we get this tidbit from Wookeepedia

They did do music for Jedi: Fallen Order…so it’s not much of a stretch to think they may have been asked to do this, too. I wonder if it’s possible for that ice planet, considering Mando’s quest, to be Illum….would be a nice time with with Fallen Order and the later turn into Starkiller base.

This is the way! This show is one of the reasons why I subscribed to Disney+! Awesome trailer & background score! Yes, it finally came I can’t for it to come. No Ahsoka yet but she will come out as a surprise. I’ll be patient for all the secrets to come I can’t for Mando and Baby Yodas new adventures anyway. Yeah


Pew Pew Madafakas The Mandalorian Baby Yoda shirt, hoodie, tank top

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