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This game needs to end trump were here for you but your sitting on your hands. There are measured way this could close sooner and limited martial law with national guard needs to be implied. The constitution and peoples lives are at risk time to apply the balls of law and order these whistleblowers need a watchful eye.

  • It’s always darkest before dawn Mr. President. The Lord is never to late! Look at Lazarus in the Bible who died and Jesus got there 4 days after he was dead….he raised Lazarus from the dead! It can look like it’s to late but rest assured our God is an on time God! Keep your eyes on him not the fake news or anyone on the left that is against you and what you stand for….God is greater than these symbols of pure evil!
  • So bring the evidence to court one of these times and maybe you wouldn’t have suffered 35 court losses. Tweets and posting is not the same as showing the evidence in court. The testimony of voter fraud in Michigan today was unbelievable and really should concern every American citizen that values the integrity of our elections. Something else that should concern Americans, is the fact that the media did not cover their testimonies.
  • Mr. President, consistent with your executive order back on September 12th 2018 please enact the Insurrection Act, suspend the January Georgia Senate runoff as well as, the December meeting with the Electoral College so that military tribunals can be set up to properly investigate the cyber warfare that has occurred during this election.

We are under attack and you have the power to put a stop to this until we can restore order and effectuate arrests of the traitors that have compromised our country. This is not a time to be nice, it is a time to be firm and Swift handed to protect our Republic.

Donald! Martial law and redo elections in the six states. (oh hell, throw in California). Voter id, paper ballots. DO IT! The Republic is under attack from enemies both foreign and domestic! bet fb blocks this! The only way to beat Trump and his tremendous support is to steal the election. Wait till all the real votes come in and bring the phony ones in the back door to overcome the margin. It has happened right in front of our eyes people. Wake up!

Why won’t they agree to a forensic audit, it’s the first thing I would do to legitimize my win. America will never except creepy joe with all this bs. They are guilty, forget all the evidence, the innocent do not hide the truth, that’s enough for me to not trust them alone. Exactly which is why Trump needs to take control of the military and start arresting people for treason! This was a coup! Then let the military courts handle it.

Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Dragons It was me poster

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