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I have been getting away from politics by watching your travel videos. They either bring me great memories of past travel or inspiration for future travel, whenever that may be. You’re in the wrong position, Rick. You need to be on your knees and your hands together in prayer. Then ask for patience….and wisdom, too, and the Lord will give it to you!

  • This kind of bs comment is why we’re so divided. Who the hell do you think you are to judge how someone prays, or even what they believe in spiritually. Christian’s are a MINORITY in the spiritual world. White evangelicals even fewer. Take care of YOUR side of the street before commenting on other’s spiritual practice.
  • Mary… you are in the wrong position. You need to reach to the back of your computer, push on the power button for 5 seconds, get up, walk away, turn off lights. Sad you start with a scolding of this wonderful and brilliant man. Telling him what to do. People worship differently, but this isn’t about worship. It’s about patience and people find that differently too. Either way Mr. Steves hit the nail on the head.
  • The Buddha is another way, Mohammad is another way,, universalism is yet another way… in fact, there are as many ways as there are thinkers in this world. You have been taught and believe what you believe. More power to you. But that does not negate the way of others.

that’s what works for you. It’s not your place to tell others how they should practice serenity. You evangelicals need to mind your own business. Is your God so small that he needs particular postures? Or he needs to be the only way? Believe that that that created the entire universe and life itself cannot be offended buy particular posture whether mental, physical or spiritually.

I appreciate your comments on our current situation. I already had the impression you were an ethical person, but this is all confirming it. The historic parallels are obvious to anyone who is paying attention. Thank you for takng a public stance. I lived in Europe for years and look forward to traveling again when it is safe.

Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Champagne That was me poster

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