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I’ve seen videos of people rescuing stranded sand sharks and dolphins. I wonder if the shark would recognize the rescuer if they went into the ocean. It’s wonderful to discover that sharks, fish, whales, lizards, snakes, and more have an affectionate side. They like to be with their human friends.

  • So what is the big deal with sharks? I live in S W Fl. and here there is no big deal. They R in out waters and don’t get close to on.. They bite. Wow what a incredible story I love this how do you keep up with this shark and how does she know when your around just curious.
  • I’ve known all along that sharks have been bad rep by humans (probably to justify the shark fin soup industry?). No I’m not just saying that as i have encountered wild sharks before while snorkeling alone and i noticed that they are only curious abt humans but not attack once they recognize a human. The same thing can’t be said about humans. The only wild and killer personality belongs to humans.
  • amazing, i love sharks . i have high respect for them. i’m so glad to know there is a human out there who is showing the truth about sharks, not like on national geographic or on shark week. where they try to explain why sharks attack. or do experiments of collecting data . thank you for sharing this video. so honored to witness it.

I still would have to stay cautious. That might be a shark he could trust after 20 years but I’ve heard stories of ship wrecks where the sharks were definitely attacking and eating humans intentionally

I don’t believe Sharks go out of their way to attack (cept Bull Sharks…they’re just nasty)…. they are lovely animals and just needing treating with as much respect as any other animal you didn’t know

You know why this happens? Because non-human animals aren’t mindless. Eukaryotic life is very complex and all animals base their actions on intelligence (very rarely “instinct” which is also a type of intelligence with awareness.) Every individual perceives the world differently, but they are all equally sentient and aware because, guess what, that’s how animal cognition works. Literally.

Love Shark Faces shirt, hoodie, tank top

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