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the idea that being moral consists in pursuing the values on which one’s own life and one’s own happiness depend (in contradiction of religious tradition). In the absence of this foundation, Americans (and the rest of Western civilization) have embraced philosophical ideas that are contrary to individual rights (in compliance with religious tradition).

  • The philosophical ideas of altruism (that we exist as sacrificial animals for the sake of others). Resulting was the growth of the welfare state (restoration of slavery), and the mistaken prominence in the virtue of democracy (=rule of the mob) rather than the rule of objective law (Constitutional Republicanism).
  • There is a vital distinction to be made between altruism and benevolence. Benevolence is an effect of having virtues that produce values that can be given in a non-sacrificial mutually beneficial way. Sacrifice is the trading of values from something less or nothing in return.
  • If you go by the comparative graph, it indicates a serious depression for a few years coinciding with the collapse of its (ie the Soviet) trading bloc. Other than that its, relative performance is comparable to the other countries, if on the unimpressive side. Ahem, perhaps its performance would have been more impressive if it had had access to the major market in the western hemisphere. Just saying.

Exactly. Fulgencio Batista was surely a dictator, but no nearly as vile as the Castro crew! But I gave up on trying to talk to Leftist Progressive Types about Cuba years ago. They just don’t remotely get it, more succinctly. they DON’T WANT to get it! They just love their little fantasy world too much. But do try this, if you see some clueless clown with one of those vile ‘Che’ T-shirts – say this to them – politely of course.

“Do you have the whole t-shirt collection associated with your beautiful shirt?” They will give you a confused look and say – “What do you mean.” Then you smile and say – “Oh, the collection that includes Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot (and others) – the ‘vile, evil, and murdering dictator’ collection.” They tend to get really mad. So just smile and say:

“Have a nice life – I am sure the Cubans would let you defect and live in their worldly paradise.” Seriously, try this out – a lot of fun. They don’t look to happy – walk away fast. The hilarious part is that many people who wear the t-shirts have no clue who Che Guevara even was – that he was a vile murdering thug. And some know only what the saw in the truly atrocious and heinous, but effect, propaganda film “The Motorcycle Diaries.”


Pontoon captain Like a regular captain only more drunker shirt, tank top, hoodie

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