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At least Biden doesn’t stand behind white sympathizers like trump does like he said in the debate the only thing I do is lie and there’s always people that will follow a dictator he doesn’t pay anything in taxes but yet he says he does he won’t even show his Tax returns

  • I have both friends and family who are gay. Even though I’m not, my support for them in their struggles makes me part of that community. So again you can support while not identifying and be part of a community.
  • I don’t understand why Trump a president of big super power country have no manner, bad attitude, liar, bullying, racism and childish. Shame on him. Isn’t it funny how all this covid started this year, I wouldn’t put it past the Dems had something to do with it. They want this election so bad they would
  • dems bringing back rule of law, equality, respect, medical care, keeping SS and Medicare and respected by world leaders again. Yeah they are terrible I’ll never wish for Trump to be back once he is gone. You are so indoctrinated you will even vote against your own interests. It must be that he hates the same people as you do.
  • that tops the internet today for the most ignorant remark. If they had that much power and money they would not have to worry about trump. Seriously, you have tgat backwards. He is in bed with foreign leaders. We will not have a country. I cannot believe they cannot immediately remove him. Owing millions if dollars of debt to other countries should have cost stopped him from the ability to even get a security clearance!!!

I can’t wait to say BYE!!BYE!!!! Trump!!! And see how much better USA can be without Trumps!!! He’s scared to leave office and scared of the orange jumpsuit he will be wearing!! But orange is his favorite color!!!

I think Hillary now is worried about if they can find an orange suit big enough to fit her. Every day more info is coming about how corrupt she is/was! All I have to say y’all were born ignorant stay ignorant!!!! Tired of the Trumpettes believing their choice is the only choice and there are other people in this country!!!

If he’s god sent nail him on the cross and bury him, if he rise on the 3rd day I’ll follow him!!! I was raised to treat people with respect NO MATTER WHAT!! But Trumpettes don’t know how to do that!!! And the comments I received reflect born ignorant stay ignorant!!!

LGBT Gay Joe Biden shirt, tank top, hoodie

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