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Happy Birthday. Hang in there Mr. President, you’ve been a fighter all your life and this is probably the biggest fight of your life, running America. GOD is on your side and so are your supporters. My mom worked for Century 21 back in the 1970’s and that was thanks to you for inspiring her to become a real estate agent.

  • We got problems man . I thought you watched the news ? Anarchists have taken over parts if Seattle , That’s in Washington . The local and state officials let this happen and even let them into city hall with their keys . They are patrolling their aquired ground with armed guards and control a police precinct . What is wrong with you
  • The virus will be happy meeting all of your supporters there..ohh no sorry the virus is GONE from the US or was it not a problem for you all..lol only over 110,000 deaths…keep up the good work..hehe and hope all Trump fans come to your party.
  • Victory for a tax scam that gives millions to the wealthy and takes from everyone else. The rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer!!!!  Amazing Trumpster. The only President who has actually gotten things done. No other president in history has ever done what he has. Thank you President Trump. God is with you

TRUMP will be 74 years old…all signs are the job of President is too much for him to handle. REMEMBER in November… this president declared himself, The War Time president at the start of His Pandemic. Trump then claimed, NO Responsibility, Blamed the Democrats and then said…

 In boxing when the ring bell each warriors observe each other before they lay a punch meaning the boxer who is first to punch his opponent weigh the power of his opponent punch, even the battle in the olden times between knights and barbarians,Archers wait for a timing before their commander command to unleash their arrows so that the impact of the arrows uniformly hit on the ground with great impact.the same in politics do not punch yet or give your powerful jab wait that your opponent be the first on such rallies.

Need to ban the unconstitutional extortion slave laws of child support alimony and welfare and where is the fathers rights laws and why are the deadbeat mothers that disobey court orders not going to jail

LGBT Black Women Kick Trump cloth face mask

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