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So crazy! I wonder how the people who live there do that? I assume you just get used to it but dang….. I’m a sleepy person already… I’d really wanna sleep all the time, One of my favorite episodes of “Northern Exposure” is when Cicily Alaska (fictional) goes into its yearly eternal darkness.

  • Walt comes down with a vary bad case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and has to wear a light hood. He becomes addicted to the hood so some friends host an intervention to get him to give it up. My next favorite is the opposite, the sun never sets and Dr. Fleisham gets the summer madness.
  • Living in Atlantic Canada, I know about long, cold wintry nights. I hate it. But for some reason, I’ve always been intrigued by this environment. Not sure how long I would last. But would love to experience it. trying new things is always a good thing. I also want to see the home where Laura and Almanzo Wilder lived and is now a museum
  • That’s Laura in the yard. But you’ll have to blow it up to see Manley. He’s sitting on the porch. It’s hard to make him out cuz it’s all grainy. And they say that this is probably the last picture of him being he passed away is the short time after this picture of him. He died at the age of 92. They had a wonderful life together

That’s crazy. I couldn’t live somewhere like that not unless I had a house somewhere else that I could live at during this time, Not a very inviting place to live. Cannot imagine living where there is very little sun and that many days of darkness

Do the Northern Lights come up during the daytime? I have Northern Lights on my bucket list I hope one day to be able to sleep under them. It is difficult to fathom life without daylight and sunshine for me being raised and living in Edmond, Oklahoma. I enjoy learning about life in other wonderful countries.

Couldn’t live there ever!! Plus the cold? No way. To each his own. They must be stronger than I am. I pray they have what they need and are warm enough.  Rush Limbaugh has just announced that he has advanced lung cancer. I humbly urge you to please award him our highest medal that a civilian can receive. He deserves it sir. He loves this country and he has contributed to our wounded military. I urge all who read this to pray for Rush. Prayer works. God answers prayer. Refer back to November 8, 2016 for proof positive. That, was a miracle.


Less than 1% of Americans Have ever seen The sunset from a US Navy Ship I have shirt,tank top, hoodie

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