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Well the reason is for exactly what I said in my first comment..IMO, Because we’ve already seen the same thing 24 times already and a fresh take on this fictional character which is also representative of minority and typically marginalised groups of people that exist in our society also acknowledges our very multicultural diverse world…..A gay black female lead in a major film franchise….I welcome that.

  • I think it’s a nice idea, but we will have to see where they take it. Progressive casting is good. Progressive characters in a spy action franchise, maybe not so good. I understand where you are going with this but you can’t be upset with people being mad about your comment. Saying “progressive characters” are “maybe not so good” in a spy movie is pretty easy to be taken the wrong way no matter how you meant it. Just because the stereotype is a morally ambiguous white man doesn’t mean that it’s the only right way to make a spy movie.
  • Women, queer people, and POC grew up with different experiences than straight white men that would make them as you say “woke”. I don’t think it’s fair to want a queer black female character to portrayed exactly like a white man when you know that both of these characters would’ve had very different experiences growing up which would shape their personality and actions.

I understand that you already have over 20 movies of the same straight white male character so it’s understandable that you would think that this is the only way to portray a spy. But there are thousands of queer, female, poc who only get to see on screen representation as background characters.

who are only there to add feeling or sexual appeal and for you to pass judgement on this character before she even really exists is going to upset them because you clearly weren’t thinking about any of those people when you said that. I hope this helps you understand the weight of your words.

that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m in favour of a black lesbian Bond style character. When I say “Progressive characters” I mean I hope they keep the morally ambiguous ruthlessness of what is essentially Bond.

Lesbian Daddy shirt,tank top, hoodie

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