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This clip analyzes for the all situation of Thailand, which count down to fail state. and King Rama 10 will be ignored by most of people because he and his family know how to get all tax money for himself and let people very poor, nothing to eat.,Sirinthon has cut all the forest in hold country until we have problem with the flood

  • .She will open the dam in my country when it heavy rain for hurt the people here for more flood every years, in out of season, she will close the dam and hurt the people to have no water to use.She want to make all people poor for easy control.as his evil father (or her husband) Rama 9 system, who do like this for 70 years ago.Noe every people here know what evil thing they done.
  • You can rant and rave forever and that gets nothing done! November 3rd we will either be a building nation or a tearing down nation. A positive nation of vast opportunity or a nation of cancel culture with our freedoms and liberties at stake. It is up to us to choose. May God be with us!
  • Trump Supporters: Imagine a white man being shot by a black police officer in the back-multiple times-in front of his children, by a black police officer. Now, imagine it happening once a week. Do you think white people would tolerate an administration leave and no arrest?

Democrat convention smoked yours in ratings, content and entertainment. You clowns are real low energy. Did you hire ole Jeb Bush to produce this snooze fest?

they’re several years ahead of us in planning , technology , etc. something very fishy happening . creepy , how a virus and mass media propagated fear can scare and weaken us so much , until we become so submissive , pathetic , and ready to do whatever they obligate us to do

stay strong and be ready . don’t let too much fear destroy your mind and therefore body too . we must be ready to face whatever strange tricks they have waiting hidden up their sleeves . some weird stuff is happening with these elites , and notice how none of them die from the virus , and rarely get infected . i wonder if they did not already have a vaccine for themselves ??

Lego Where is my happy face shirt, tank top, hoodie

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