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It’s not even funny anymore..this man is being abused by his own family and the Democrats. He has medical issues for sure and needs to home in the basement resting. If you’re talking about Trump, I agree! Trump just needs to be gone! He is too ignorant to be President:

  • “But with regard to the forest: When trees fall down, after a short period of time — about 18 months — they become very dry. They become, really, like a matchstick. And they get up — you know, there’s no more water pouring through, and they become very, very — well, they just explode. They can explode.”
  • Post your evidence that he “is being abused by his own family and the Democrats.” If you cannot you should consider ceasing your babbling. Or, continue your babbling, thereby exposing your own mental issues.
  • Caelum Kirchubel you do realize that Epstein was a famous celebrity and took pictures with hundreds of people, right? So, according to you, one picture condemns him? God Forbid someone look into your past and judge you so quickly with no facts.

There are literally 100’s of pictures of them together! And Trump and Epstein were named in a rape case against a 13 year old. Google it you will see. When lightening strikes those dead trees they can in fact explode and ignite. You hate blinds you from common sense.

Lisa Arnold Mcpherson In an interview with Bob Woodward for the reporter’s new book, Donald Trump admitted he had “played down” the coronavirus threat. At a town hall hosted by ABC on Tuesday, the president contradicted himself, claiming – falsely – that he had in fact “up-played it, in terms of action.” Trump also said repeatedly that the virus would ultimately go away thanks to “herd mentality”. It was unclear whether he meant to say “herd immunity”.

Did Dr Dementia Donny release the papers on this diagnosis, or you decided this on your own with edited clips of Biden’s speeches. It’s so easy to fool a lot of his supporters with edited clips, he knows they don’t have the brain to figure it out. Poor fools will believe anything this murderer puts out. They even believe the Woodward tapes are fake news. That’s the intelligence of a Trump supporter.

You also support him on those tapes where he said he knew how dangerous this virus was and lied to us saying it was just a flu. All those doctors and nurses died caring for patients with a flu when it wasn’t a flu.

I am a simple woman l like chicken wine dog flip flop shirt, tank top, hoodie

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