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it is a fake account, ive seen this profile and same message all over and ive received the same message from the same profile. It has been reported now. I would encourage you to also report the profile because sometimes Facebook won’t listen to just 1 report.

  • I’m not trying to get in your business but I read these things all the time it is so interesting but I agree with you if it’s not true get rid of them, she is totally correct. They can leave huge voids in the soil underneath foundations, driveways and sidewalks, holes for people and livestock to potentially step in and suffer a badly broken leg, devastate plants and lawns, and yes, render the time, effort and expense invested in a garden a total waste.
  • Not really. Each animal species knows to keep their population big enough for the available territory and food supply. There’ll never be more of them than this garden can support.
  • Also won’t be fun when their digging starts destroying his buildings foundation. I have a friend whose entire barn collapsed from groundhog damage to the cement foundation and support poles.

Judy Schmitz Or are humans the true pests? We are the ones who encroach upon the wildlife’s territories with our lawns and gardens. A little symbiotic living between us and the wildlife is necessary, not immediately labeling them as pests and ultimately destroying them. They’re just trying to survive like the rest of us.

Hi your post are wonderful, but we’re not friend on Facebook, only the Patriot Review, I sent you a request but it didn’t go through, please send me a request let’s be friends if you don’t mind, thank you, This was so cute really enjoyed watching thr groundhog family and the thoughtfulness of the gardner planting a garden for them and not harming god’s little creatures

Oh my heavens, I could not love this and gardener man and groundhogs and their adorable chomping any more! Kindness is what this world desperately needs. I also have a little groundhog family. Kind of drives me nuts that they eat all my squashes and melons just as they get ripe, but they’re so stinkin’ cute I can’t stay mad for long. And gosh, when they run their fat little bottoms are adorable.

Prince If you didn’t come to party don’t bother knocking on my door doormat

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