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So blessed with your little Gracie take care of her she’s one in a gazillion to have a wee cat be so calm and cool in the water is rare lucky lucky you keep your eyes on your wee girl she’s.. something special..

  • Love the story. So cute her infatuation with the beach and water. Oh yeah, and you’re head! What a great life she’s having because of you. Thank you More humans need to be like you.
  • What a sweet story I have a lot of men friends that have cats and it’s amazing what they can get a cat to do I think it’s their deep voice they just feel safe anyway she looks awfully happy. Omg! Is it safe? My cats even don’t like bathing.. they run out of the bathtub as if they have seen a ghost  I just envy you so much , at the same time I really adore your bonding..I wish she has a life where she is loved and cared for, beyond words.
  • That’s very unusual cats don’t normally like water, she obviously overcame that fear to be with who she loves & feels safe with. out of my 3 rescues, only 1 likes water. We give them baths cuz they like to play outside. 2 of them act like we’re trying to kill them, and the other loves it. We fill our big garden tub up and he swims around, he kitty paddles its adorable!

That’s actually a common misconception. Plenty of cats, domesticated and in nature, love to swim. Turns out certain cats and dogs just don’t like “smelling” clean since their scents will no longer blend in with nature. We kinda, accidentally paint a target on their backs.

I had a cat that would sit on the edge of the tub whenever I took a bath and would swish her tail in the water. Some cats do like the water. Used to have a black cat that would follow us to the lake & jump right in, off the dock with the dog & swim with us.

Cats are known to be afraid of water. This cat is so devoted to her dad that she doesn’t seem to remember her natural cat instincts. She swims as if cats are see mammals!! Gracie is one beautiful, lucky kitten…and her dad???!!! OMG, what a PRINCE!!! God has a place in heaven for strong men with a loving, tender heart!!! Bless you both!


Just A Girl Who Loves Making Other Girls Feel Awesome Poster

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