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Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and your family absolutely the way to make children passionate Animals definitely help children to have a better outlook onLive in to be more kind.

  • Beautiful girls, when they grow up Mom they will make you so proud, my daughter was the same as a child and love animals and she made me proud and she is a Veterinarian Assistant and loves it. These girls could sure teach a lot of people young and older in how to love and show respect for each other. God bless them all.
  • What a beautiful and wonderful family, THAT is what America needs to become, just like THEM! You and your whole family, karolina have beautiful souls. Them animals are so thankful I am so thankful it makes my heart full to watch other people love animals I wish I had the means to have a rescue we used to rescue pit bulls until I had a child it’s like the one we have now he’s a rescue he’s wonderful his name is buddy I wish Jiminy and your family the best.

I raised a baby piglet from my best friend’s grandmother’s farm with them!!! Sweetest animal and most adorable animal ever. They were free range hog farmers. Yes, they were raised to eat and we were taught that, though they respected every animal to have a beautiful life and Pinky was the sweetest baby ever!!! I was 5. It made me respect life, animals and all farming forever! I only eat organic free range foods and most are from friends too. Thank you for this!

Parents certainly raised these girls right. Good for you!People can learn allot from these girls on treating any living creature with love and kindness! Beautiful story. What Beautiful Hearts your children have. I was Pure Joy watching . God Bless You and Your Family,I didn’t forget May God Bless Your Rescue Too.

My kids have always been my life and always will be. I have 8 grandkids and I great grand son and they all live within 15 miles we are all very close and I love it. There’s a lot of them on here. They try to connect with ladies and ultimately attempt to scam them out of money. Low life. Be careful.


Just a girl who loves Dr Pepper face mask

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