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Sparky is an awesome bull terrier who is so sweet and adorable! The relationship that those two have between each other are unbelievably beautiful!!! Bull terriers are awesome & funny. My friend shows her 4 & their even funny at dog shows. You have a real ham & clown there Enjoy

He’s awesome eh? I love bull terriers they are wonderful dogs I had a Staffordshire bull terrier he’s passed to cancer we loved him so much. Such a lovely dogie with some differences that makes him spoiled and love by his dads. God bless for making this dogie so special to ur heart and with love that any dogie deserve. Sparky could be God sent to ur family as one that would shows d love that anyone could ever wanted. God bless to u and ur dad

  • I can’t this has made my day what a cutie had me in stitches of laughter what a big baby his dads clearly adore him and he loves them to bits beautiful family . We had a Bull Terrier named Gypsy. She unfortunately died at the young age of 3. She was the best dog I’ve ever known and I miss her everyday. She was the happiest, sweetest, silliest little girl.
  • every moment of this video about sparky put a smile on my face, so much love and happiness going on!!! it was wonderful. your all so lucky to have each other- im sending my hugs and kisses to all of you too!!!!!!and hoping all the fun- keeps on truckin!!!!!!!!
  • I love the fact that you give him massages, I do the same to my 2 dogs. Unconditional love, is so obvious here. Love it and thank you for being great dads. What a happy family. I love that the men knew enough to see that it’s a game to him, to many people wouldn’t see it from his viewpoint and might be annoyed with him. What a cutie!

Sparky is so cute and very happy! My pets have helped me get through this quarantine too! Pets are so loving and they seem to know when we need that extra bit of affection from them! Our pets will NEVER let us down and give us so much more in return than we could ever give them! Keep up the great work, Dad’s! I would love to see more videos of Sparky!

Absolutely love this video. So happy that you all have each other. We have an American Staffordshire Terrier with a lot of the same traits! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just a girl who loves books face mask

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