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MY HUSBAND IS A VETERAN and is STILL waiting for the $600 per week that he was supposed to get since March! He has spent countless hours on the phone and is always eventually disconnected. He was on hold for FOUR HOURS on Friday and was disconnected. THE UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM IN FLORIDA IS NOT WORKING, AND GOVERNOR DESANTIS DOESN’T CARE!!!!

  • its a similar story in most states. Folk waiting for months & months out here in NV & CA. So its not a Republican or Democrat thing its a government thing, incompetence & no accountability
  • Read his latest executive orders! He lies once again. He said he was going to extend employment benefits but, if you read the orders, he actually said that the states are to pay the benefits, to a maximum of $400 a week, but hasn’t given the states any money to pay for it! Don’t be fooled!
  • Desantis said in an interview that the system was set up to make it difficult for people to sign up. That way people become discouraged and give up filing. It’s truly awful! I’m sorry this is happening to your family.
  • same story for my family in Colorado. Funny, this funding was guaranteed for furloughed employees, also. Yet I never saw a dime, despite a dozen calls to get it fixed. Don Budman you’re the one lacking any resemblence of Intelligence who refuses to see Trump’s pathetic BS.

How about we take care of our seniors, too. IRS shouldn’t be allowed to dip into the already minuscule monies they get to survive….if we can forgive banks and spend billions on billionaire corporations, how about we give a break to the generation who helped make this country great.

Had Trump handled it right the first time, the economy would be operating near 100% now, schools would be opening, and tens of thousands of Americans would not have died. 67% of America disapproves of Trump’s failed pandemic leadership which continues to worsen our nation’s crises. He has no real plan or strategy. Trump is unfit to lead our nation and must go.

Witnessing Trump’s purposeful destruction of the Post Office in real time is terrible – another institution wrecked by a wrathful, fearful monster, just as he has weaponized DOJ, State and other departments for his own political ends. The Republican Party is completely complicit.

Just a girl who loves books face mask

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