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We are praying and the Lord is still working have faith! God Bless You Mr. President may God bring you strength and wisdom to overcome this attack of the enemy may his angels protect you and your family. Trump 2020. With God you have won every evil battle they had been tossed your way.

  • Keep fighting !!!! Jesus stand in the gap please. Protect this country, man and the people. We have many lost souls yet to win and need your help. We love you and thank you for all that you do in Jesus name amen amen.
  • Fake ballots without the watermark. They would not be read by the machines. A lot of people that voted in Sampson Co have checked their vote and it isn’t showing that they even voted. Thank you for your endless and your exhausting push to fight for this nation. Ballots need to be rechecked for American Gov authenticity via the actual ballot and individual’s casting ballots.
  • We knew DemoncRATs were going to lie, cheat & steal, use every illegal loophole & corruption to regain their power & control so they can complete the death spiral started by the last regime. I did not realize they would be so evil, so assured they would not lose this rigged election, that they would not even try to pretend it was legitimate. DNC is a domestic terrorist organization, lawless, violent, with no moral compass.

You have done so much for Americans and latinos I am very proud to call you my president. I am praying for justice the left has corrupted the elections it’s clear they have from the start!! We must all vote again and no mail in ballots vote in person. We have Democrats counting ballots? We can’t trust them. We must vote again!!!

We love you Mr president Trump we’re praying for you and I want to say don’t give up this is the most stressful, and one of the hardest jobs anyone could have. You are an American soldier in this corrupt war of politics. This is wrong and we know it and we want it all checked and made legal votes.

Joey doesn’t share presents Christmas sweatshirt, hoodie, long sleeve

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