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He was not involved with Epstein his name’s not on the list like all the Democrats names the Democrats are the ones involved with this child trafficking Hillary Clinton let the cartel dilda drugs in our country so everybody was dying from heroin overdose do your research people. Trump was once sued for raping a 13 year old child. He also partied with Epstein. In addition, Trump instituted the intentionally cruel child separation policy. He is no “savior.” Qanon is a cult.

  • And then you’ve got the kids in ICE cages, who are being abused in multiple ways… I’ve been hearing this for months now – anything that proves QAnon’s narrative wrong is “fake news”, no matter how many facts are indisputable. Very sad. Further proof that the Trump administration has been winning. Fewer crimes = fewer investigations.
  • okay yea, you can. Just I couldn’t even get angry at you with all the things that have been going on not just this year. Praise him?? He was involved with Epstein and his quote he would date his own daughter. he also followed a ten year old up an escalator and said I will be dating her in a few years accused of raping 2 13 year olds ,walking in on underaged naked contestants at a pageant he ran as he said because he could, saying Ivanka has a rack like her mom and also allegations he paid several other underaged rape victims.

All these idiots making unfounded nonsense allegations but cant wait to vote for the guy who feels up and sniffs little girls. You gotta love it. HOW he was “involved” with Epstein????

He removed and banned him from his club long before he was in politics and was one of the few people willing to answer questions to the FBI about it. Now lets talk about the Clinton’s. Bill Clintons name is on the flight logs and the lolita express more times than I’ve been on the subway.

Your teaching, did you ever stop and ask yourself when these accusations came out about joe? To refresher your mind it was after evidence came out about Jeff and trumps friendship, the mother ducker even said Jeff was a great guy so fact check, read, educate yourself.


Jesus is my god my king my lord my savior my healer Lion 3D hoodie

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