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In order to understand these people, you need to accept that it’s true: they truly are too stone. cold. stupid. to realize that anyone in the country can contribute to any senate race they want, and regularly do so on both sides. They’re not faking this: they honestly are that far gone, and we need to come to terms with that if there’s any hope of getting *anything* done.

  • These are the people who scheduled a press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping and somehow came within 1000 miles of controlling the presidency for another four years. It’s a lot to swallow but there it is, right in front of your own eyes.
  • consider your good deed done for the day. I know Stacy Abrams has been doing an amazing job, maybe responsible for Ga being blue, but didn’t know where to contribute to her effort to swing the senate races. Will be using your link to support fairfight, thanks
  • “state politics” are American politics. “Big government” offers Social Security, clean food, air and water (as soon as we undo Trump’s travesties), highways, national defense, police, sanitation, education, and disease management. I’ll take that kind of freedom.

To throw around a word like “communist” with clearly no understanding of what that is, nor of how being progressive is not being either communist or socialist, is to display your own ignorance. Are you suggesting that there’s something wrong with donating to a candidate and encouraging people to vote? Do tell!

you live in Georgia? If not, you are trying to influence another states elections. If silly Facebook memes are what got trump elected than surely hard cash could be used to influence an election you have no local ties to? Cheers, Steve! I graduated residency 6 months prior to the pandemic and all my travel dreams have been temporarily dashed. Your podcast and show have really helped me through a tremendously tough time on the COVID frontline.

I am so pleased with Brother Steves. I may not agree with all his positions and stances, but give him huge praise for all he did and does for his employees—esp. this year. He is truly one of the Civilized Americans. Viva Rick!

Jasmine Dragon Tea house shirt, tank top, hoodie

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