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there is a can blank shortage right now because of Covid. From what I understand production has been moved to just the main flavors for now. Yea, a bottle of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper, One Bottle, for over $27.00. Don’t think so! Switched to A & W Diet Root Beer. It has NO Caffeine! and I can buy it locally.

  • I just tried the Cream Soda and Dr Pepper combo recently in the UK. Got to say, the full sugar DR Pepper tastes like nothing. Your Diet and Zero flavours are so much better for taste and much less syrupy.
  • I have a hard time finding the diet Dr Pepper with cream soda but when I do I try to stock up! Y’all did good with this one! WHEN will the Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper be back on shelves???? Tired of you guys pushing the Cream Soda! It’s in the spot where the Caffeine Free used to be in ALL our local stores.
  • You’re not missing anything! All they are pushing is the Cream soda! I switched to A & W Diet Root Beer, it’s caffeine free. Took a bit to get use to the change but Dr. Pepper lied to me for months so this is my new go to! I also do Caffeine Free Diet Coke and Diet 7up at work, it’s caffeine free also. I have a heart condition and can’t have any caffeine. Fed up with Dr. Pepper!

Love cherry Dr Pepper and regular. Just cant believe that when the free funko pop thing came on the bottles where I live I didnt get one cause they were already all out. What a bummer

I had a friend order me a case of the diet cream said online and they paid an exorbitant amount for it plus $35 shipping. I’ve got amazing friends Finally found some in the checkout cooler at Wal Mart yesterday after not finding any for a month. Needless to say that cooler is now out of stock

why does it taste nothing like A&W Cream soda….which you make….and there isn’t even another cream soda to use as a reference besides random craft sodas and store brands!

Jack Skellington Nightmare before Dr Pepper shirt, hoodie, tank top

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