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I also worked at a small rural Title 1 school. A kindergartner on a field trip looked out the window in Raleigh and asked his teacher “Are we in America?”  Thank you for sharing this Adrian. It really is sad the number of students in our schools who have never been outside of their own towns.

  •  Moving from Long Island to teach in rural NC I could believe the poverty. I never knew it really existed this way. One of my 4th grade classes my first year told me most had never been to the beach. I scrapped my library lesson and we watched videos of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. They were mesmerized. Thank you for all you do to help every child.
  • Sadly, hundreds of schools in NC are in this position. My school, Bailey Elementary, grades K-5, didn’t take field trips at all last year. Glad you have a platform to gather your donors. Every child deserves exactly what you asked for.
  • My daughter attends the best non magnet elementary school in our district..I volunteer at a title I school. The difference is dramatic. The staff is absolutely wonderful at both schools but there is a definite economic divide. If you ever want another school to sponsor, I have a great recommendation

So proud of you for doing this! Some places offer events for school kids to go for free. Maybe check into that, but I’m not sure about that in your area. Will gladly donate and if I hear of anything good that doesn’t cost that your school can get to or can come to your school, I will pm you.

I grew up in Warsaw and I know the NC Symphony used to travel around and would perform for schools in rural Duplin and Sampson County. It was great as it exposed kids to different music as well as the instruments. Also, have you looked into being a sister school or an adopted school by a school that can help with needs? We have this in Charlotte.

My kids went to a title 1- 90% on free or reduced lunch. People would ask why they went there. I said it’s in our neighborhood, which was the old historic district with huge antibellum homes surrounded by old mill houses. It takes dedication & love to do what you are doing.

I worked in such a school and routinely sponsored multiple kids for field trips. They had such a good time and years later still talked about their experience.

In a state with so much to offer from tourism to technology to lucrative career opportunities to major sports team and entertainment opportunities that revival any major city across the country, WHY, OH WHY are parents of NC schools having to set up GOFUNDME, PayPal, Venmo, etc to send kids in our public school system to field trips or any other activity deemed educationally worthy?

Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of  the year phone case

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