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Hi your post are wonderful but I don’t think we are friends here on Facebook , if you don’t mind please kindly add me to your friends list as I have tried adding you to mine but is not going through.

  • I will be really glad if I get a reply from but then I’m very sorry to have invaded your privacy . Please accept my apology. Thank you. We need people like her to make us aware of then mess our planet is in . Recycle and reduce the earth with plastic . Reuse what you can every one can help ! Think of it as a law to recycle.
  • Please, please, please show your commercials first! The thread and impact of your stories is completely lost when you just cut off important statements with cereal commercials. Having this video cut by a commercial promoting an airline tourism company is probably my most capitalist experience this week.
  • Our planet is burning. We’ve been warned and told 25 years ago. Many world leaders have completely missed the wake up call, to mention a few, Sarkozy, Donald Trump, Ramgoolam, Putin, Johnson, Zuma and many more. Greta was right to tell them off in the U.N General Assembly, ( How dare You). Shame on them all for their contribution to destroy our planet.

This somewhat mentions powerful men trying to destroy the planet, oil drillings on land and sea it poisons the grounds and water, wild and sea life. Burning fuels “POLLUTION’ etc………. Rev 11:18 ~ The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come, And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, And those who fear Your name, small and great, And should destroy those who destroy the earth.

You are asking why every body listens to you. My answer:Everybody is lisenting to you because your are european, meanwhile the same armeniens, who are the same age like you,were speaeking, and nobody was lisenting to them.They were speaking of to have right to live. Sitting here reading the comments on here I can only shake my head in shame and shake my head in disbelief!!! The only thing which will save the planet is ,when the biggest, deadliest most destructive and evil virus is controlled and that IS “Humans”!!!!! Mother nature takes care of itself!!

You seek to undermine the message by accusing of her being “just a kid” with “not much knowledge” because you can’t refute what she is saying. You know what I was doing when I was 16? Not thinking of climate change. Heck I wasn’t thinking much about it when I was 26. I was wrong. I grew up. you should too.

It’s either serial killer documentaries or Christmas movies mug

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