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I did see that and I had that in mind but just figured that she’s going back to Jackson for Dina and JJ and wore the bracelet as the only thing left she had of Dina because she wasn’t surprised at all when she got back to the farm and saw it empty.

  • It didn’t mean more she’s just felt like she literally couldn’t live life with the ptsd she had and not being able to get the closure she needed, With all the copies of TLOU2 rotting on the shelf that’s probably not going to happen. After week 3 of it’s release nobody has been buying this game. They can barely give it away in Asia.
  • Let’s put this in reverse. What if heterosexuals was the new “gay”. Would you still feel the same way? Seriously… You know how pansey you are basically saying you are afraid of people who like the same sex lol. Swear they touched your no no square man… Is your manhood that threatened you have to make a comment like that ? Geez… It’s ok to be afraid of the unknown. But saying that was completely uncalled for. Pathetic…

That was pretty damn cool. On one hand we want gaming to be respected as a powerful and legitimate art, then on the other hand some of you wanna kill the girl for being emotionally overcome for seeing herself represented in such a way.

It’s kind of weird to see herself in a video game like how weird would it be to see yourself in a video game knowing that you’re not the model for that face that there’s someone out there that looks like you that’s modeling for a character’s face in a game

It’s probably really difficult for many of us to imagine seeing yourself in a video game. The likeness and voice… yeah people react to these “strange” external stimuli in ways that may not seem “normal.” But who says there is a “normal?” A high cognitive load can trigger strange reactions

It’s a Cowboys and beer kinda day shirt,tank top, hoodie

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